Fabian M. Suchanek
I am Fabian Suchanek, a full professor at Télécom Paris University in France. I am in the DIG Team in Computer Science.

About myself


We are launching the NoRDF project on natural language processing and knowledge bases with 4 industrial partners. We are hiring PhD students and postdocs!
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Fabian M. Suchanek
Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Team “Data, Intelligence, and Graphs” (DIG), Office 4C20
19 place Marguerite Perey, 91120 Palaiseau, France

E-Mail: myFirstName@suchanek.name
Work e-mail (for authentication only): myLastName@telecom-paris.fr
URL: https://suchanek.name
OpenPGP public key: rsa4096/CAA83288, fingerprint

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